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2020 marketing partners

GallStar TV would like to thank the following partners for their support in the 2020 season! Show your support of GallStar TV by supporting these companies!

K&R Performance Engineering manufactures delay boxes, electronic dial boards, wiring kits, switch panels, on-board air compressors, and other electronic components for bracket racers. Use code "gallstar5" at checkout for 5% off your order!

Jones Transmission Cooling Systems provide a unique cooling solution that allows you to control transmission temperatures between rounds! Stay consistent in the late rounds, when it matters most! Use code "gallstar5" for 5% off your pump system! can convert your current wheels into beadlocks! Keep your SFI rating! Use code "gallstar50" for $50 off your beadlocks!

SFG Promotions is an Illinois based drag race event promotion firm that specializes in promoting the highest paying drag races in the world. SFG's vision is to give all racers the chance at LIFE CHANGING MONEY!

Pre-Enter SFG Events:

How do you get a sponsor? Where do you start? Who do you talk to? What do you say? What does a proposal look like? helps racers make the FIRST STEP towards sponsorships in motorsports.

Dale's A-1 Transmission is a family business built on customer service, passion, and hard work. The team at Dale's custom build high-performance racing transmissions, as well as at-the-track transmission service.

GallStar TV is a drag racing brand that specializes in video content creation for the motorsports industry. We provide value to marketing partners by providing them with promotional or customer-service focused video content, as well expanding their market reach in the motorsports arena.


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