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BERESFORD, SD (OCT. 11, 2020): As the 2020 race season approaches a close, the GallStar TV Racing Team begins to turn their sights towards 2021, this time with support from Get’M Performance.


The GallStar TV Racing Team will again be heavily involved in the big-money bracket racing scene around the Midwest, and will also be competing in IHRA Summit Super Series points programs at multiple tracks in Iowa and South Dakota.


“The level the sport of bracket racing has reached is crazy. Especially the eighth-mile big money stuff. It seems to be teen-or-better pack vs teen-or-better pack lap after lap. If you don’t have a consistent car you’re done for” says Tom Gall of the GallStar TV Racing Team. 


Get’M Performance Products (formerly Get’M Garage) prides themselves on being able to provide “#MoreHorsepower” and “#MoreConsistency”.


“The level of customer service and tech support provided by Trevor and the team at Get’M is outstanding” Tom continues. “How many other companies have the owner flying around to different racetracks helping racers get their cars set up for optimum performance and consistency?”


Get’M Performance provides all-billet American-made custom carburetors coupled with top-of-the-line customer tech support. Get’M focuses on continuous product development and proudly designs and manufactures all their products in the USA. Carburetors are built to order, and GallStar TV subscribers get to take advantage of discount code “gallstar5” to save 5% on their own Get’M carb.


For more information about Get’M Performance Products, visit their website at or give them a call at 270-935-5334.

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