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BERESFORD, SD (MAR. 26, 2020) With the 2020 race season right around the corner, the GallStar TV Racing Team returns to the track with support from K&R Performance Engineering. 


The seven month race season for the GallStar Racing Team consists of events spanning throughout much of the Midwest states, including both big money bracket races and IHRA sanctioned points series events.  


“We’ve used K&R products on our cars for years.  We built my car brand new way back in 2006 with a Pro-Cube and I couldn’t imagine racing with any other box” says Tom Gall of GallStar TV. “It’s just so much easier to use, plus it has the Z-force feature, which was a game changer for me.”


K&R Performance Engineering manufactures delay boxes, electronic dial boards, wiring kits, switch panels, on-board air compressors, and other electronic components for bracket racers.


 “When I was releasing the transbrake the traditional way, I was having so many problems getting too tense on the button and flinching before the tree even came on. Z-force allows you to “push” to activate the delay cycle, instead of holding and releasing, so it took all the tensing up out of the equation for me” continues Tom. “I love it. I’m honestly not sure if I could race without a Z-force box anymore!” 


K&R Performance Engineering couples their high quality electronic components with superior customer service and tech support. Give Kevin and the team at K&R a call (423-614-7778) or visit their website at to browse their wide selection! GallStar TV subscribers get to take advantage of discount code “gallstar5” to save 5% at check out! 

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