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BERESFORD, SD (MAR. 19, 2021) As tracks begin to open around the country, the GallStar TV Racing Team makes final preparations for the 2021 race season with support from Go Lithium. 

The GallStar TV Racing Team will pursue a full big-money bracket racing schedule in 2021, competing in regional events such as the Wells Racing Promotions Triple 777 Points Series all the way up to the 2nd Annual SFG Million Dollar Drag Race in Martin Michigan.

"We've been focusing on all aspects of our racing program this offseason. We've been putting in a ton work on the practice tree, and we're also making some big improvements to the race cars" says Tom Gall of GallStar TV. "It's all about continuous improvement. I want to show up to the track as a better driver with a better car than ever before. That's what we've been striving for this offseason."

Go Lithium hand builds lithium batteries in the USA, purpose built for racing. The Go Lithium battery is incredibly powerful, ultra lightweight, recharges quickly, and is built from super-durable prismatic cells. Go Lithium batteries are backed by 10 years of research, development, and testing. 

"When I looked over the car this offseason, I knew the weak point of reliability was in the battery and charging system" continues Tom. "I started researching battery options and Go Lithium has an awesome product with the R&D to back it up."


Go Lithium's Intelligent Power Racing Batteries feature a flatter energy discharge curve, faster cracking speed, hotter ignition spark, and higher sustained voltage than other batteries. The battery has a 10 year service life, is alternator compatible, and only weighs 9 pounds!


For more information about Go Lithium batteries, call 800-393-9951 or visit GallStar TV subscribers get $100 off their order with discount code "gallstar100" at checkout!

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