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BERESFORD, SD (DEC. 29, 2020) For the second consecutive season, the GallStar TV Racing team returns to the track with support from


The GallStar TV will again focus their efforts on big-money bracket races across the Midwest states as well as numerous IHRA sanctioned points series events at multiple tracks in South Dakota and Iowa. 


“The thing I really like about is how accessible it is to the grass-roots racer.  You don’t need to be on Street Outlaws and have a huge following or be a big race promoter to gain sponsors and marketing partners” says Tom Gall of GallStar TV. “Jeff and the team at Racesponsorships break it down starting at step one, and they give you to tools you need to get a sponsor! These tools combined with a little hard work is really all it takes to gain marketing partnerships.” provides online course content aimed at answering the most common questions about sponsorship: “Where do I start?” “Who would sponsor me?” “What do I have to offer a sponsor?” “What do I say?” “What does a proper proposal look like?” 


“In the past year I got to help a lot of people gain marketing partners for their own racing operations" Tom continues. "It’s a fun and exciting topic that I enjoy helping others with! I’m happy to be involved again in 2021!” 


In addition to online course content, also helps racers with one-on-one consulting, live Q-and-A sessions, proposal designs, logo design, and more. GallStar TV subscribers can save 10% by using discount code “gallstar10” at

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