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BERESFORD, SD (DEC. 13, 2020) With 2021 right around the corner, the GallStar TV Racing Team is focusing on improvements not only to their equipment, but also their on-track performance with the support of Portatree Timing Systems.


The GallStar TV Racing Team will have their sights aimed at big-money bracket races during the 2021 season, traveling throughout the Midwestern states. Additionally, they will again be competing in IHRA Summit Super Series points programs for an opportunity to gain another National Championship.


“With the parts and technology available to bracket racers now days, anyone can build a really consistent bracket weapon. If you have the means to do it, you can buy your way into running dead-on lap after lap” says Tom Gall of GallStar TV. “To be honest, 90%+ of the time I lose because of me, not the car. I need to focus more on improving ME and less on improving the car.”


Portatree Timing Systems provides racers with the tools they need to practice in an effective, realistic way. With practice tree systems ranging from the full size “National Event Tree”, all the way to the fully-featured cell phone sized “Portatree Pocket”, Portatree products make it easy for racers to maintain a robust practice regimen whether they’re at the track, in the shop, or on the go.


“Honestly I couldn’t tell you if I like my Next Gen or Pocket more. They’re both fantastic tools and I know both of them have yielded more confidence and better performance on the track” Tom continues. “They both include “push” mode, which is huge for me. The Next Gen makes practice feel very realistic, but the Pocket allows me to practice every day no matter where I am. I couldn’t pick a favorite!”


Portatree offers numerous accessories to accompany their state-of-the-art practice tree systems, such as hand switches, foot pedals, microswitches and vehicle connection adapters, power adapters, and carrying cases. GallStar TV subscribers get to take advantage of discount code “gallstar5” to save 5% at checkout at


For more information about Portatree Timing Systems, visit their website at, or give them a call at 508-278-2499.

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