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GallStar TV Helmet Blinder - Trim to Fit G-Star Carbon Illusion

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This trim-to-fit helmet visor blinder is ideal to fit almost all helmets to provide many benefits to bracket racers.

Want to block out the sun with the visor down? Block out the top. Want to block out the sun with the visor up? Block out the bottom. Want to increase focus and decrease peripheral vision and distractions? Try side-blinders. Side-blinders can also help you to "square-up" with your competition when driving the finish line!

Check out the GallStar TV Youtube video all about helmet blinders:

This blinder is printed on high quality vinyl that easily matches the shape of your visor (use of a heat gun is recommended). Place the blinder onto your visor and cut as much of the blinder away as you prefer. Enjoy the many benefits of a blinder while representing the GallStar TV brand in style!

The blinder has a large GallStar TV logo across the top of the visor, and has a "G-Star Carbon Illusion" look printed throughout the background of the vinyl.

***Visor blinders may not be legal for all types of races, events, or sanctioning bodies. Be sure to check your rules before using a helmet or visor blinder.***

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