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Double-O "Cone-Style" Transbrake Button Guide

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This unique button guide features an interior "cone" shape that funnels down to the center of a Double-O style transbrake button. The guide was originally designed to be used with "Z-Force" mode (i.e. "push" mode) as it assists with maintaining finger position prior to activating the switch and also insures that your finger is perfectly centered on the button every single time you stage.

This guide can also be used for "release" mode in situations where the driver prefers to release the button with their pointer finger. For use with the thumb, check out the "Double-O 360 Degree Button Guide" as it features a larger opening intended to be used with the thumb.

All GSTV button guides are printed with high quality PLA on highest quality print settings. Double-O Button Guides attach to the outer ring using a stainless steel socket-head screw and brass heat-set threaded insert (no loose fasteners to lose).

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