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2018 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals

Although it's probably impossible to top the 2017 World Finals, we sure gave it our best shot in 2018!! This closes out all my remaining track content from 2018, but there's much more content to come before next season!!! PLEASE consider subscribing for all kinds of bracket racing content.

WORLD CHAMP! - 2017 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals

Holy smokes! We actually did it!

After chasing our ticket back to the World Finals for a DECADE, we finally punched our way back into the race and sealed the deal this time!

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The SECRET to Going Rounds in the HEAT... REVEALED!

What a great start to the season! I don't think I've ever won THREE races in a row!


Thanks to all my family and friends that support me to make all this racing stuff possible!! And thanks to YOU GUYS for checking out the videos! It means a lot to get the great feedback and all the likes, comments, and subs! THANK YOU!

Upside Down THROTTLE STUCK Drag Racing Crash...

What a ride! 

It's unsettling to see a car coming back TOWARDS you standing at the starting line... at full throttle. 

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Memphis BOUND! [2017]

Long time friends and viewers of the channel will know just how long it's been since we were able to secure our ticket back to the IHRA World Finals...  

For the rest of you, the answer is 10 YEARS! What a struggle it's been, but we're happy to finally be able to make the trip down to Memphis in 2017!

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Looking for MORE Legacy Vids? 

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