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BERESFORD, SD (NOV. 30 2022) GallStar Bracket Races plans to bring two premier bracket racing events to midwest drag racers in 2023 with continued support from Go Lithium batteries. 

Building on the double-$11,000-to-win race format from 2022, GallStar Bracket Races aims to fine tune the program for 2023, in attempt to create one of the most fun, fair, and prestigious racing experiences available to midwest drag racers. 

"I'm so thankful that Go Lithium believed in what we were doing from the very beginning" says Tom Gall of GallStar Bracket Races. "They helped us make a big splash in 2022 for sure. But now that they saw GallStar Bracket Races first-hand, they wanted to be a bigger part of it this year. Go Lithium is our Presenting Sponsor for both 2023 events and I'm super thankful for everything they're doing to help us grow the brand!"

Go Lithium hand builds lithium batteries in the USA, purpose built for racing. The Go Lithium battery is incredibly powerful, ultra lightweight, recharges quickly, and is built from super-durable prismatic cells. Go Lithium batteries are backed by 10 years of research, development, and testing. 

"Go Lithium put together the Re-Entry Round Random Draw for us last year. Racers loved it." continues Tom. "Any racer who entered a re-entry round either Saturday or Sunday was put into a random drawing for a brand new set of 16V Gen2 Go Lithium batteries plus a charger. I'm happy to report that that program will return again in 2023!"

In 2022, the Go Lithium Re-Entry Round Random Draw winner from BRACKETFEST was Brady McCaw, and the winner from CASH HARVEST was Brian Folk. 

"The support from the team at Go Lithium is allowing us to make further improvements to our event live streams this season" says Tom. "We're going from just three camera angles up to four, and two of them will be motion cameras. I'm really excited to bring in a fully-wireless on-foot camera operator to capture all the action in the staging lanes and the starting line. I think the coverage should be way better and way more entertaining for the viewer!"


Go Lithium's Intelligent Power Racing Batteries feature a flatter energy discharge curve, faster cracking speed, hotter ignition spark, and higher sustained voltage than other batteries. The battery has a 10 year service life, is alternator compatible, and only weighs 9 pounds!


For more information about Go Lithium batteries, call 800-393-9951 or visit Racers can get $100 off their order with discount code "gallstar100" at checkout!

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